Sunday, February 5, 2012

21COFH - To the Rescue! - Week 6

Now that you've had an opportunity to take inventory of your photos, you may have identified some things needing to be rescued from less than desirable circumstances. Your mission this week is to do just that.

1. Use your inventory from last week to select an album or group of photos (more if you have the time).

Some projects you might consider:
  • Rescue photos from a "magnetic" album. You know the ones with the sticky pages covered by plastic - aka- the "chemical sandwich of doom." You can scan pictures or not depending on your desire and available time. Just getting those pictures into another album, box or other storage will help lengthen their life. If you decide to put them into a box, please interleave the photos with acid free paper. You don't want any residual glue on the back of one photo to transfer to the face of another.
  • If you have some older albums with photos pasted or otherwise attached to black construction paper, you might consider a project similar to what I did with my mother's old album.
  • Also, it's perfectly OK to decide to leave an old album, like Mom's, alone and simply interleave the pages with acid free tissue paper to slow down any degredation that is occurring.
  • Don't forget about loose, brittle pictures that are wandering around in old boxes.
2. Decide what your approach is.
  • Do you want to simply put the pictures in a safer storage environment?
  • Do you want to scan them?
    • If you do be sure and use the organizational  and file naming schemes you developed in Week 2.
3. Obtain the necessary (permanent or temporary) storage supplies.

4.  Execute your plan (remember to use your work area).

5. Update your inventory.

6. Tell us about your project either in the comments or a post of your own. Be sure to leave the url in the comments section.

Remember to keep your project(s) to what you can complete this week. Have fun and good luck!

    © 2012, copyright Michelle Goodrum

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