Wednesday, September 18, 2013

My Summer "Vacation"

Just a few official days left of summer and I am beginning to see just how absent I have been from the blogging scene these past few months. It's not that I haven't thought about it. It's not that I haven't started several blog posts only to be interrupted by life. Family has taken over as happens from time to time.

What has been going on you ask?

First, our oldest daughter graduated from the University of Colorado which was cause for much celebrating and traveling since we do not live in Colorado. Also, since our ancestors lived in Boulder, Colorado, where she was living, I took some extra time to do my "genealogy thing" as another family member calls it.

We also had a couple of big family events in other parts of the country which allowed us to have some fun, big family get togethers. I won't bore you with all the details but it is always fabulous to get our families together.

Photo credit: Office

Then both of our adult children decided to move. In the same month. Yup. So who do you call on when you're in college and need help moving? You got it. Mom and Dad. So July turned into a crazy busy month, first because of the above mentioned family events and second because of the moves. Our youngest was moving within the same town so that was relatively simple but physically exhausting. Let's just say I survived! And I am eternally grateful for her football player friend who helped move her bed!

Snoopy Happy Dance

Our oldest daughter, the college graduate, moved from Boulder to Salt Lake City. She loves school so much she decided to go to grad school in SLC. I'm still doing the Genealogy Happy Dance over that choice! I will miss Boulder but who can be upset over having to visit your kid in the Genealogy Capitol of the World? eh?

Finally, there is this little construction project going on. I won't bore you with all those details either.

There has been some genealogy activity in my life these past few months. When Mastering Genealogical Proof came out, an opportunity presented itself to take part in an online study group with the book's author, Tom Jones as mentor. He not only helped us learn more about genealogical proof but also trained us so that we could mentor our own groups. I learned a great deal from studying the book, doing the exercises and, discussing online. Now I am mentoring a group and continue to learn more both from going through the book again and the online discussions we are having.

If you want to really understand genealogical proof and learn how to apply it to your research, I heartily recommend both the book and the GenProof study groups. There is no cost (other than the cost of purchasing Mastering Genealogical Proof). If you are interested, you can learn more at Angela McGhie's blog, Adventures in Genealogy Education. Angela is the organizer of the GenProof study groups.

And that leads into another summer (and continuing) genealogy activity. I volunteered to help Angela with the ongoing waiting list and registration for the GenProof study groups. It's been an easy way to volunteer and something I can work on almost anywhere (so long as there is internet access).

My best genealogy news is that I took a Genealogy Road Trip a few weeks ago! Both daughters were in need of some things that could not be shipped so I took a cross country (more like a cross the west) road trip and turned it into my own personal Genealogy Road Trip. All I am going to say is that it exceeded my wildest expectations! My goal is to write a mini series about it soon. Stay tuned!

That's about it for my summer "vacation." I hope your summer went well too.

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