Wednesday, February 29, 2012

If Everyone Does a Little... one has to do a lot.

That was the mantra of the parents of our childrens' elementary school PTO in its early days when the school had first opened. We were a close knit bunch, much like the genea blogging community, and we accomplished so much for our children. It was all because everyone chipped in and helped a little.

I haven't previously helped out with any indexing projects but am ready to jump in when the 1940 US Census comes out in 33 DAYS! So I'll make you a deal. I'll do some indexing and you do some indexing. If we all do a little indexing, no one will have to do a lot and I'm betting that one of us will index the family of someone in our genea community. So let's get on it!

You can sign up to help with indexing at the 1940 US Census Community Project. They say it's easy and I believe it. After all if we can track down dead people, how difficult can it be to index a few names?

You can apply to become an ambassador for the 1940 US Census Community Project here.

Remember, on April 2nd the 1940 US Census will be available at NARA's 1940 Census website. I hope they are ready for us!

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  1. Never having done any indexing, I signed up a while back to help with the 1940 census. Last week I received the link to begin indexing. The software download was a snap and the actual indexing part is much easier than I expected it to be. I have all ready indexed, at the BEGINNER level, several batches of death records and WWI draft registrations. It's fun and goes quickly. Included is a TEST batch for the 1940 census to give indexers a feel for how to index that.

    1. Susan, Good to know. I was thinking the WWI draft registrations sounded interesting to "train" on.

  2. Thank you Michelle. I enjoy indexing, and just 30 minutes at a time (or start and save until you finish a batch) helps someone. And, you're right. If we each did a little, the amount completed would grow exponentially.