Wednesday, February 15, 2012

And the Winners Are...

Photo by Michelle Goodrum.
In The Turning of Generations second blogiversary post, I announced three randomly selected well wishers would be highlighted. It's my way of saying thank you to the Wonderful Readers of this blog. Using, the readers whose numbers came up are:

Shelley Bishop - A Sense of Family
Shelley has been researching her family for a number of years now and has been taking courses to further her genealogical education. Her blog always has something interesting, whether it be a story, heirloom, document, research tip or strategy. Since Shelley has a wonderful way with words, I find myself immediately drawn into whatever topic she is writing about.

Jill Ball - Geniaus
Jill is one of our community's bloggers from Down Under. I had the distinct pleasure of meeting her at RootsTech and attending one of her presentations. She is delightful. Jill also has another blog, Android Genealogy where she writes about and highlights the use of Androids and related apps in genealogy. I always pay attention to what Jill has to say.

Sheri Fenley - The Educated Genealogist
Sheri, who claims to be painfully shy, doesn't take genealogy too seriously. Don't get me wrong, Sheri is serious, passionate, and knowledgeable about her profession but she isn't afraid to put a humorous or entertaining spin on any topic. Whenever Sheri posts, I may laugh until I cry but I always learn something from her.

P.S. No blogiversary is complete without Sheri's rendition of, "Happy Blogiversary to You."

Thank you to all of the Wonderful Readers who stop by The Turning of Generations. Your support and friendship is priceless!

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  1. What a wonderful idea! And a belated happy blogiversary to you!

  2. I have adored you since our brief meeting in Salt Lake at NGS a couple of years ago. I hope we get the chance to meet up again real soon!

  3. Aw shucks, Michelle, thank you for those kind words. Really sweet of you--especially because your blog is such a huge source of inspiration for me. Now we just have to meet in person sometime, somewhere!

    P.S. You know, I have a hard time believing Sheri is really painfully shy, too :)

    1. We'll get that meeting in person, sometime, somewhere thing worked out somehow!

  4. Michelle, This is a very clever Idea and a great way to introduce people to different blogs. Can you tell I am behind in my reading.

    1. Thank you, Mary. I appreciate you taking time to comment even though you are behind. (BTW - I can certainly relate to being behind!)