Thursday, February 9, 2012

RootsTech 2

Continuing with my RootsTech experience from the other day, the remaining sessions I attended were:

The "Galaxy Girls" - Three Genealogists and Their Android Tablets - Jill Ball. Jill, who is from Australia, reported on a project she participated in with two other Aussies. They each purchased Samsung Galaxy Android Tabs and explored apps that could be used by genealogists. Since I'm trying to decide whether I want to purchase a similar device, I decided to attend. While I still haven't made any decisions, I did learn about the enormous number of apps out there, some of which I am guessing could be used on my Android phone. The syllabus for this talk is well worth looking at.

The remaining sessions I attended were workshops you had to sign up for in advance. I understand many people were disappointed to find the workshops had filled by the time they attempted to sign up. However, I got lucky as I was sitting at my computer when the announcement came out that sign ups were open!

Snagit for Genealogists - Barbara Rennick
Snagit is an image capture program that I've had for a while now but knew I wasn't using it very well. It was a hands on session in the computer lab. WOW! Barbara, who is an excellent presenter, walked us through a number of features of Snagit and showed us how to use Snagit to create a research log for our online searches. I left this session feeling much more comfortable using the program.

Bonus: I ran into Barbara in the exhibit hall the following morning and was asked to assist in the impromptu lunchtime session. So not only did I get to listen and pick up on some things I missed the first time around, but I had the opportunity to run around the classroom and assist attendees who were having difficulties. It reminded me of helping in the kids school computer lab several years ago.

The 19 page syllabus is online if you are interested. Did I mention it's 19 pages?

Word Processing Tricks for Genealogical Publishing - Jeri Steele
Jeri covered working with images, table of contents and indexes in Word 2010. It was an extremely helpful session, although now I want to upgrade from Word 2007. Sigh. There's a nice syllabus online for this session too.

How to Do a Webinar - Geoff Rasmussen
In this session, we went behind the scenes to see just how Geoff puts on his awesome Legacy webinars. Will I be doing one anytime soon? Mmmm. Probably not but I left feeling like I certainly could!

There you have it. My classroom experiences at RootsTech. It was a great 3 days and definitely a different experience from the genealogy conferences we are used to attending.

© 2012, copyright Michelle Goodrum


  1. Great reports, Michelle, thanks!

  2. Okay, never mind. I found it on the Friday list for rootstech and wit worked. Thanks for letting us know about this.