Thursday, July 1, 2010

Treasure Chest Thursday-Time Capsule-Embroidery

Apparently Frances enjoyed embroidery. More on that in a future post. There is also a bag of various colored embroidery thread which I haven't included here.

Unfortunately there is no published or copyright date so I have no idea how old this little book is, other than that it is older than 1964 when Frances died.

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  1. Both of my grandmothers did embroidery. I gave it a try back in the day, but arthritis in my hands have prevented it of late. Your little booklet looks very interesting....I would love to have a look inside to see what special stitches are featured.

  2. I would think the booklet had special meaning to her. You are so lucky to have this chest, and I'm enjoying your series.

  3. Lucky finds, and it's like christmas right?

    I suppose the book contains the stiches etc, just a little reminder now and then. Or a color chart of numbers.