Thursday, July 8, 2010

What I Use Technology Wise for What I do Genealogy Wise

Thomas MacEntee over at GeneaBloggers has a meme called What I Do. Thomas says,
you basically list what you use in terms of technology to either run your genealogy business or pursue your family history as a hobby.
I am still a hobbyist but thinking of going the "professional" route in the not too distant future.  Here's my list:

* Hardware: HP Pavillion dv3500

* External storage: Western Digital MyBookWorld 1Terabyte

* Online storage: Dropbox

* Backup: Backblaze, Dropbox (really important stuff), Norton 360 Premier (important stuff)
* Firewall: Norton 360 Premier

* Virus protection: Norton 360 Premier

* Spyware: Norton 360 Premier

* Printer: HP Photosmart 3210 All-In-One

* Phone: Envy 2, Skype for the computer

* Mobile media: iPod Touch

* Music player: iPod Touch

* Car audio: Whatever has the On/Off button

* eBook Reader: Kindle

* Browser: Internet Explorer

* Blog: Blogger

* RSS: Reader is Google Reader, burner is Feedburner

* Text editor: Microsoft Word 2007

* Graphics:  Adobe Photoshop Elements (I really need to get a newer version!)

* Screen capture: I use the old PrtScrn key and paste into Word or something

* Social media: Facebook

* Social bookmarking: Uh, I'm not that sophisticated yet.

* Social profile: Hmm

* URL shortener: Haven't used one yet.

* Office suite: Microsoft Office 2007

* E-mail: web based provided by internet service provider

* Calendar: Outlook 2007

* Accounting: Quicken 2010, Excel

* PDF generator:

* Genealogy database: The Master Genealogist

* Genealogy tools: Clooz, Transcript, Microsoft OneNote, Excel

* Other tech stuff: VuPoint Solutions Magic Wand for scanning books and papers (in libraries, etc-it's a handheld scanner), Canon Rebel T1i.

Now that I've completed this list and read some of the other ones, I've come to realize a few things:
1. There are some technology items out there that I want.
2. This could be a helpful list to have in the future.
3. What a great reference for ideas as others post their lists!

I encourage you to give it a go, if you haven't already. Thanks Thomas!

© 2010, copyright Michelle Goodrum


  1. Michelle, I enjoyed your list, and I've been comparing myself to your list and others as well. This is a great way to learn what is out there. I learned you use TMG, too hard for me, and you wish to go professional..good for you!

  2. Hey there - another TMG user...YEAH!! Just had to comment on that, because I don't see it often. I haven't complete my list yet, but need to. It's been helpful seeing what others use.