Saturday, July 10, 2010

Sorting Saturday - Time Capsule Pictures, Announcements, etc.

This week I went through the box of photos and announcements that were in Frances Lowe's Time Capsule. It quickly became obvious that there was no particular order to the items so I decided there was no need to worry about the original order. I suspect that they had been gone through and looked at repeatedly over the years.

Frances saved baby and school pictures of her grandchildren and great grandchildren along with graduation, wedding announcements and photos, and a few newspaper clippings. They cover the years from 1925 when her first grandchild was born until her death in 1964.

Here's how I went about the sorting process:
  1. First a quick pass to lay out the items in order from the box, quickly grouping things by family that obviously went together.
  2. Printed out Descendancy Charts for Frances Lowe and her grandfather William Ballinger.
  3. Put family groupings of photos and announcements on Frances' Descendancy Chart and the same for William Ballinger's so I could visually get an idea of where the groupings fit within the family.

I am still left with several piles of photos and announcements that I don't know what to do with; it looks like I have a new project. I'll be scanning a selection of them and sending them out to some of the older family members in hopes that someone will be able to identify some of the individuals. Wish me luck!

In the meantime, all of these piles will be placed into some photo envelopes (they have passed the Photo Activity Test) with labels on the outside that I can update as I figure out who some of these folks are.

Next up, another artifact. Think sewing and embroidery.

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  1. Lucky you with so many treasures to look through! Hope you are having fun while visiting the past.