Saturday, May 22, 2010

Sorting Saturday-The Time Capsule

Recently another family member made an interesting discovery in the family home.  It started with this very cool old leather suitcase.

Inside was another small, old, cute suitcase.

Tightly packed inside this suitcase is what appears to be a snapshot of the life, memories and some personal items that my great grandmother Frances Lowe held dear.  It has appropriately been dubbed the Time Capsule. Frances lived from 1871 - 1964 in Boulder, CO, Nye, MT and various homes in King County, Washington.

Follow along with me on Thursdays and Saturdays while I sort through the Time Capsule and figure out how to catalog, preserve and archive this fascinating look into the life of my great grandmother.

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  1. What a nice find! I'm looking forward to hearing about what's inside.

  2. Scanfest is tomorrow! I hope you scan some of your treasures from The Time Capsule with us!

  3. Miriam, I wish I could! It's alot more fun than scanning alone. Unfortunately I am travelling tomorrow.

  4. Great series. I can't wait to see everything that you find!

  5. Fascinating, and love the idea you telling about it as time passes.