Saturday, May 29, 2010

Sorting Saturday - The Time Capsule's Top Layer

I am writing a bi-weekly series on Thursdays and Saturdays about the contents of a small suitcase belonging to my great grandmother Frances Lowe.  Another family member referred to it as a Time Capsule and the name has stuck.  You can read the first two posts here and here if you missed them.

I've read several books in recent weeks and am trying to incorporate what I've learned into the steps of going through the Time Capsule.

Upon opening Frances Lowe's suitcase, this is the first sight.

It's a picture book of Cape Cod, undated.  Many of the pages have handwritten notes like this one:

The person writing seems to be explaining where they now live and some of the sights they have seen.  It appears they don't plan on living on the Cape for long.  Unfortunately, I don't know who the author of these notes is but I have a couple of clues from these handwritten notes:
  • "I was taking Bobby to his drum lesson near here. Now his drum teacher has gone to Florida." [From the picture above]
  • "Phil and Bob took a sailing ship ride from here this summer."
  • Map on the back showing where this family first lived, where they live now and where Phil works.
I can't find any extended family members by these names but it is possible that I am missing some individuals from the extended family.  It also could be that this was a family friend.

Finally, a couple of possible clues were found inside the booklet:
  • Photo of one of Frances Lowe's grandson's
  • Photo of one of Frances Lowe's grandson's
Whether these two items "belong" inside the Cape Cod booklet or if they were randomly stuck there is unknown but I will keep it in mind as a possible clue.

So, I have a couple of action items from the Cape Cod booklet.  
  1. I need to query some of the older extended family members to see if they might know who Phil and Bob are. 
  2. I need to verify that I have identified all of Frances Lowe's descendants.
On Thursday we will take a look inside the leather pouch that is peeking out from under the Cape Cod book.

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  1. How wonderful to have this "time capsule."

    I like the idea that you have to post 2x a week about the items you are finding, and that you are laying out you next thing to do with what ever you find.

    Good luck as you go through all of the "time capsule," hopefully there might be some answers to questions you already have.