Thursday, May 20, 2010

Treasure Chest Thursday - The Family Fortune

A while back I discovered a letter to my mother from her grandmother on the occassion of Mom's college graduation.  You can read the original post here.

The letter read in part:
These antique napkins rings are the remnant of your Great Grandfather and Great grandmother’s fortune. The silver in the rings were part of a silver brick given to them by a friend and my father had six napkin rings made out of same and when their three daughters were married they gave each of us two napkin rings. They are over Seventy-five years old.
I finally found them!  They weren't where Mom thought but the box they were in was just as Mom described it and the fact that they were tied together with a ribbon.

The inscription reads:
Presented to
By Wm Parker of
Sherman Mine
Caribou Colo.

According to the letter the would have been made in the early 1870's.

It was common for Boulder residents to be involved in mining ventures during this time.  Daniel A. Robinson was no exception.
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  1. What a find!!! There was a time that I collected napkin rings...none as fine as these. The engraving on yours are lovely as it the story behind them. Thank you for sharing this family treasure.

  2. You mean they mine silver, it comes as a brick? How interesting