Thursday, March 4, 2010

Treasure Chest Thursday - A Real Treasure?

I'm not sure this one will go in my Heirloom Book but it's a great conversation piece!  We found 2 boxes of these in the basement.  As near as I can tell, from my quick Google searching, these water cans are from the Korean War and/or Vietnam War era.  They still have water in them.

It made for a great family conversation that went something like this:

Teenager:  Is there really water in that?? 
Answer: Yes.
Teenager: Didn't they have water back then? 
Answer:  Of course they did but these were water rations for troops and emergencies.
Teenager:  Why did they drink water from a can? [This one was my personal favorite!]
Answer:  Because they didn't have plastic bottles back then! 

You get the idea.  It was a fun conversation.

One family member has turned one into a pencil holder for his desk at work.  I'm sure we will come up with some other fun uses for these!

Copyright 2010, Michelle Goodrum


  1. Interesting! Tell the kids now they package water like juice boxes for emergency use.

  2. do you know what was inside the canister because i have one myself and its heavy and there is sorta like a clanking inside...i don't want to open mine but since you have two boxes, i figured you must have opened a few so what was inside?

    1. Very old water. And no we didn't drink any of it. LOL