Saturday, March 6, 2010

Sorting Saturday - Treasures in the Cabinet

Last week I wrote about some of the "sorting tools" I used in a recent sorting session with my mother.  This week you'll see how the session went.

This particular session, we chose a couple of cabinets in the dining room to work on.  There was a lot of the usual household decorating items like candles and napkins that were quickly dispensed with - as in keep that, get rid of that, so and so might like this.  Occassionally an item would appear that would incite a story.  That's when I would reach over and quickly push the record button on my little audio recorder that I kept on the dining room table. 

There were also a couple of items that belonged to my grandparents.  Had I not been made aware of that, I probably would have chosen to give those items away without much thought.  Now that I know, the items have been labelled as to who they belonged to.  They will make nice mementos.  One is a pie server with an interesting handle.  The other is a southwestern pottery mug. 

The mug represents something rather cool in that I have my grandparents slides and travel journal from their trip to Arizona where they no doubt bought this mug.

Here's what I took away from this session:

1.  Some family stories.  Some of which were downright hilarious!
2.  A couple of cleaned out cabinets.
3.  Mementos for various family members.
4.  A better sense of what's important to my mother.
5.  A really fun afternoon.

Next week I'm sorting through some really old bills.

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