Monday, March 8, 2010

Monday Madness - Flora J. Ballinger

Flora was probably born 27 February 1859 (or 1857).  So far, no evidence of her marrying has been uncovered.  Her death date and place are unknown.

Here is a timeline of what I have been able to find out about Flora:

27 February 1857 or 1859 - Flora is born.  In the 3 census records I have for Flora (CO State census 1885, Federal MT 1900 & 1910), she is listed as being forn in Iowa.  Between the census records and the Declaration for an Original Pension of a Father, listed below in sources, there is a discrepancy in Flora's birth year.

1860s - Flora and her siblings Nancy, John and Mary Ann are listed as attendees in the first school house built in Colorado (see sources below).

1880 - Living in Boulder, Colorado, with Joseph Wolff, are his wife Eliza J, Flora Ballinger and several hired men.  Flora is doing housework. (1880 Federal CO census).

1892 - in the Directory of Farmers in Boulder County for 1892, Flora is listed as a farmer.  From the property description, it appears she is farming on her father's former homestead.

1900 - In 1900 in the Township of Stillwater, Carbon County, Montana, Flora J. Ballinger was enumerated with Charles Williams, his wife Georgie L., and their family, a servant and a boarder. Flora is listed as Aunt. She is the aunt of Georgie L. (nee Robinson). Flora’s sister, Nancy Robinson (nee Ballenger) was Georgie’s mother.

1910 - Flora is enumerated in the Town of Joliet, School District No 7, Carbon County, Montana with the Henry family.  Oddly she is listed un the relationship column as a patient.  Although it is very difficult to read.

After the 1910 census Flora appears to disappear.  I am waiting for something else to turn up.

Sources not listed above:
  • Ed Hubbard's article from The Daily Camera 17 November 1909 as extracted and appearing in the Boulder Genealogical Society Quarterly February 2002.
  • Declaration for an Original Pension of a Father, Military Pension file for John H. Ballenger, file number 630269, National Archives and Records Administration.  William H. Ballinger is the informant and made the declaration on 8 February 1896 in Boulder, Colorado.  Further he states in the document that he is a resident of Nye City, Montana.
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  1. Michelle, I would study every page of that 1910 census again. I pulled the page Flora is on, and at the very top you will find the word Hospital. Sadly, it is way out of focus, which I am sure you are aware of, making it very hard to read and figure out. I would be looking for more entries in that locale for "hospital". Good luck!

  2. Thanks Carol! It's amazing what a fresh pair of eyes can spot! I went over to Heritage Quest (through my local library) and pulled up the page which is much more clear. It says "Carbon County Hospital Line 98" which is the line Flora is listed on. After scrolling through the census pages on either side of Flora and finding nothing else on this hospital, I've decided I have a new "project" on my hands. I'll keep you posted and thanks again Carol!

  3. You are welcome, even if you find nothing more in 1910, I would be looking hard in 1920. Sometimes they enumerated entire hospitals at the end of the town they are in. Schools too.

    I would be looking to see if by a far remote chance there are records for that hospital. That is a rare happening, but, no stone unturned as they say.

    Good luck!