Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Genealogy Spring Cleaning - Wednesday

I'm following along this week with The Family Curator's spring cleaning activities. Wednesday's activity is to repair or restore damaged items.  The Family Curator writes:
Archivists and doctors have the same rule: “Do no harm,” but torn documents and damaged photos can be repaired with digital restoration. Scan damaged items and make a note to send out for restoration or to do it yourself. Evaluate broken artifacts such as china, picture frames, or textiles. If you intend to have the item repaired, place all fragments in an archival box or tissue, or wrap in a clean cotton pillowcase. If you don’t plan to repair the damage, decide if you really want to keep the piece. Maybe a photograph would serve as well. Write about the item and why it is special to you or someone in your family.
Last week for Treasure Chest Thursday, I wrote about my mother's and grandmother's baby dolls.  Mom and I are both concerned about them as they are very old and fragile.  She has them displayed on her guest bed right now but wants to have a safe place for them to live long term.  I've ordered two archival boxes for them to live in when Mom has company or just needs them to be safely out of the way for a time.  It was a bit of a challenge as grandma's baby doll has human hair and as I understand from what I've read, should be stored in an unbuffered box.  I sure hope I've got that right!  Anyway, the appropriately sized boxes have been ordered and the babies will soon have a comfy new home.

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  1. Michelle, Thanks for sharing the challenge for spring cleaning. When you pack your dolls in their new archival cradle boxes, you might want to cushion them with some acid-free archival grade tissue paper. I was able to buy it at a local art supply store at a reasonable price.

  2. Thanks for the tip! I hadn't ordered tissue paper and was wondering what to do!!