Thursday, March 11, 2010

Treasure Chest Thursday - Grandma & Grandpa

Don't they make a cute couple?

My parents bought these guys in Mexico in 1968.  Apparently they brought them home and boxed them up for safekeeping.  Back in 1968, the knowledge of archiving wasn't what it is today but I am utterly amazed at the condition this couple is in!  They look like they are brand new.  They are made of wax.  The colors and details are amazing.  The fabric in their clothing looks brand new.

You are going to cringe when you hear how they were stored.  I sure did!  They were in a cardboard box in a garage cabinet.  The first layer I removed was newspaper!  Mom said they used it to keep the bugs out.  I had never heard of that but there is no evidence of bugs anywhere so maybe there's something to it.  Next, I ran into a thick layer of very discolored tissue paper that was stapled around the edges.  This seems to have actually saved them from the acidic newspaper as the outer tissue paper was discolored but the innermost layers were not. 

They have been wrapped up for over 40 years! 

My attitude is, they need to be displayed or find a new home.  My questions is how should 40+ year old wax figures be displayed but still be protected?  I am concerned not only about dust but fading of the wax as well as the fabric.  Any ideas?

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