Friday, March 26, 2010

Genealogy Spring Cleaning - Friday

Today is the final day of Genealogy Spring Cleaning.  Here's what The Family Curator suggests doing today:

Bring in a bouquet of fresh flowers.
Clear off your desk and give your genealogy workspace a place to display a framed ancestor photograph or treasure. Some family treasures are best used and enjoyed. Can you repurpose your grandmother’s ironstone pitcher as a flower vase or pencil cup for your desk? Write a post about any family artifacts you see or use daily. Be sure to give a statement of provenance telling who owned it and how it came in your possession.

This year, January 11th was National Clean Off Your Desk Day.  It took all day to get it done then.  Fortunately, this time around it only took about an hour.  Surprise!  Look what turned up.

On the top is Dad's letter holder.  On the bottom is his 3 x 5 card file.  I like to put outgoing letters in the box as well as my checkbook.  I brought these 2 items home in 1999.  The letter holder has taken a couple of spills requiring some repairs with the wood glue to make it as good as new.  Unfortunately, I don't know where Dad got them.

That's it for Genealogy Spring Cleaning Week.  I want to thank The Family Curator for coming up with a weeks worth of activities.  Things are a little brighter around here now and the To Do List is a little bit longer but isn't that what genealogy is all about?

© 2010, copyright Michelle Goodrum


  1. Thanks for being my "cleaning buddy" this week. I love the treasures you've shared!


  2. It's been great to see how someone else goes about things and what you've come up with too.