Monday, September 10, 2012

21COFH- Organizing Scheme for Presentations

Things are out of control on my computer when it comes to all of the handouts and notes from conferences, society meetings, and webinars. Laying out how to organize all of these files on my hard drive is critical if I am ever going to be able to refer to them again. This week I'll show you how the file folders and file names are set up. Warning: It's a work in progress!

In the folder hierarchy on my hard drive, in Dropbox, is a folder called Education. Within that folder are subfolders for the various organizations whose presentations and webinars I have attended, such as National Genealogical Society, Family History Society of Arizona, etc. This is where I put both the handouts or syllabi and my own notes.

The file naming convention is as follows:
  • LastName_FirstName_YYYY-MM_Title
The title is usually abbreviated and I add "notes" or "handout" or "syllabus" to the end of the file name.

This way all lectures by Tom Jones are grouped together and sorted by date. If I search my computer for "Tom Jones" all of his lectures will appear no matter whether they are stored in an NGS, SLIG, FGS or some other folder.

It occurs to me that tags could be added to the files to get them to appear in certain searches. For example, lectures on the Civil War would come up if given that tag. I don't plan on going back and tagging all of my files but there might be times when doing this could be extremely helpful. So I'll do it on an "as needed" basis.

As for podcasts and conference recordings, since those files are huge, for now I keep them in the defaul folder "Music" that Windows 7 has. Probably a little weird but the file size dictates not putting them in Dropbox.

I'm very interested in how my genea friends have set up their organizing system for these types of files. Please, leave a comment or a url to your own post! This inquiring mind wants to know. Seriously!

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