Monday, September 17, 2012

21COFH - Digitizing Course Materials

This week's project is to digitze some of our paper formatted educational materials. I decided to digitize four 3-ring binders full of course material from a series of classes I took. This cleared off some serious shelf space and will hopefully make the information more accessible.

I used my Fujitsu ScanSnap and fed pages in batches. The software allowed me to create one large PDF of the material from each course. Then I just named the file with the title of each course. Easy Peasy!

It felt oh so good to be able to recycle the paper and see a big hole in one of my shelves!

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  1. I digitise all the handouts and notes I get from talks, seminars etc. that I attend. As well as saving space on my shelves I find them easier to retrieve. I just wish more presenters would offer soft copies of their notes.

    1. I'm going to take your advice and do that going forward. I'm finding now that I have an ipad, I'd rather review these types of things that way. And yes, they are easier to retrieve! Great to hear from you Jill!

    2. This is a great idea Michelle. I have so many binders full of lecture notes from University - it would be such a relief to have them digitised and out of the way (but still accessible if I ever need to refer to them in the future)