Sunday, September 2, 2012

21COFH Is Back! Week 36

After a hiatus for summer vacations (weeks 27-35), it's time to get back to organizing for our 21st Century Organized Family Historian project. This week we are going to ease into it (sort of) by repeating a previous project. It's one that needs repeating, especially after vacations and research trips! This week we are going to catch up with processing digital files.

Select at least one (more if you have time) of your digital gadgets and do the following:
  1. Transfer the files to your computer (or wherever it is you store such digital items).
  2. Remember to use your organizational and file naming scheme.
  3. If you have decided to utilize metadata for citations, tags and other information, be sure and include that into your workflow.
  4. If some of your items need further processing or analyzing, add it to your to do list (unless you have time to take care of it this week).
  5. Make sure this work is backed up. Always make sure your work is backed up! If you don't have a backup plan, there are numerous resources at GeneaBloggers.
Remember, the main objective here is to get your files organized in such a way so that you can easily and quickly locate them.

Here are links to my original project for this assignment. If you are new, you might find them helpful.
Our last project had to do with metadata. It might be helpful to review this. Since I got busy with family and vacations, I totally dropped the ball on posting my project for this. I WILL be posting it this week. Really, I promise!

Good luck! As always, you can complete this week's mission by leaving a comment or writing your own post and leaving the url to your post in the comments section. If you don't have a blog, keep your own journal!

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  1. I am on a huge reorganizing rampage, moving things out of yahoo email with a vengeance. Last night realized some important files shared with me a few years ago were NOT on my current computer, had to use the old computer to do so. They are now on both computers, and both external hard drives. Whew! So, while not directly connected to my own personal research, they are connected to my world of genie.

    So, I get credit for today! LOL

    1. You get extra credit for today :)

      It's incredibly disconcerting to discover missing files and has more than a little to do with why we save all our old backups and still functioning computers. AT least I do...

  2. Welcome back! Hope you had a great summer! This blogpost is exactly what I needed yesterday. I spent the day organizing and adding citations to approximately 200 digital files. I have been procrastinating on finishing my reorganizing project. Yesterday got me moving again and excited to finish.

    1. Yeah! So glad you got going again. Adding citations to 200 digital files is no small task. Give yourself a big pat on the back!