Tuesday, November 15, 2011

One of My Favorite Android Apps...

...is the photo editor. I found Adobe Photoshop Express (free on my phone) although I'm sure there are any number of good photo editors available. After taking a picture, you can crop, make all kinds of adjustments to exposure, contrast, brightness, make it black and white, etc. You can also add borders and other special effects.

The reason I wanted an app like this was to take a picture, make some quick adjustments - cropping in particular, and then upload it to Facebook, Picassa (where it can be added to my blog) or directly to a blog post. The photo editor has been used for this very purpose in a number of my blog posts. It's a real time saver over having to transfer pictures from a camera and a life saver if I don't have a camera around for those picture perfect moments that I want to share on Facebook or this blog.

I'll be back with more smart phone app suggestions and experiences. Do you have any?

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Disclaimer: I have not been paid or compensated in any way for the products mentioned in this post. I'm just expressing my opinions and experiences.


  1. I got my first android two weeks ago (in fact, it's my first smart phone). I'm going to give this adobe app a try. I've been loading up a few apps and using some that came on the phone...gmail, messages, evernote, facebook, twitter (peep), FM radio, Google Earth (altho a little slow), calendar (I like that it sycs to my Google calendar), ancestry (once), google books (for when I'm stuck somewhere and need something to read). Wow. I've used more than I thought, and I still have more to go! Looking forward to more of your suggestions!

  2. Google Earth and FM radio hadn't occurred to me. I'm glad you mentioned them!

    I'll have more suggestions coming soon...Hope Adobe Photoshop Express is what you need. I just picked it because I use Photoshop Elements on my laptop and because it was free to download onto my phone.

    I also have Adobe Reader which comes in handy.