Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Let's Go Hiking to the Coast - Wordless Wednesday

Tomorrow's Thanksgiving. So let's work up an appetite for our turkey dinner by hiking to the Oregon Coast in Florence. We did this trek in September starting at one of the many parks just south of Florence. I hope it motivates you to get out and get moving tomorrow in preparation for the big feast.

After a picnic lunch, we started down the trail at the top of the bluff.

A significant portion of our hike was in soft sand. Can you spell "workout"? Fortunately the trail through the wooded area was fairly firm so we had a bit of a break.

Then we went through a grassland area. Notice the sand. It's fairly soft.

Up and over a small bluff and we were at the beach and the Pacific Ocean.

We arrived the day after the nesting period for the Snowy Plover had ended. Apparently there were restrictions on where you could walk during designated nesting times.

Even though it was sunny, there was a haze along the coast which made for some interesting pictures.

You never know what will appear. In this case it was the park rangers patrolling the beach.

On the way back, Husband decided to take the short cut up the bluff and through the very deep sand. You can see him starting out in the photo below. Did I mention the sand was very deep and it was uphill? Hehehe.

Me? I took the scenic and shaded route the way we had come down. Did I mention this trail was firm?

I had a lovely, leisurely time snapping pictures on the way back up to the car. Husband not so much. He was found waiting at the car pretty much whupped. Did I mention the sand was deep?

All in all it was a very enjoyable day trip to a location I had been wanting to visit for years decades. We did come through the area in the 1990s but the wind was blowing, it was raining and there were two little kids asleep in the car. No, we did not stop and get out.

I hope you enjoyed this photo essay and find yourself motivated to get out either work up an appetite for your turkey dinner or work off your Thanksgiving Dinner (or whatever dinner you might be enjoying if you don't celebrate Thanksgiving).

© 2011, copyright Michelle Goodrum


  1. I heard exercise referred to as either Earners or Burners. One means you earn the right to eat a big meal, the other means you need to burn off a big meal.

    Have a great holiday!