Saturday, November 12, 2011

Great Genealogy Poetry Challenge

It’s time for the Third Annual Great Genealogy Poetry Challenge, hosted by Bill West of West in New England. This is my first year participating. I hope you enjoy this poem written by one of my husband’s ancestor’s. I’ll tell you more after you finish reading the poem.


To the Snob


You can't go through life
With your head in the air.
Meeting unfortunate friends
With a stare.
Good character shows
From each line of your face.
A warm friendly smile
Adds much to your grace.

So come down from that high seat
You’ve chosen to take.
Grasp the hand of that poor friend.
‘Twill lessen the ache,
Of a life full of sorrow,
Not made by his hand.
With a smile on your face,
Show that you understand.
By Mrs. Roy Bindon
Inspired by a remark of my 13-year-old daughter [NAME WITHHELD FOR PRIVACY] concerning some of her friends saddened and hurt by snobbery.

Husband's grandmother, Caroline Ebling Bindon, loved to write poetry. Apparently when the mood struck, she would write her poems down on whatever paper (or scrap of paper) she had on hand at the moment. Several years ago, I transcribed and compiled them into a book for the family, along with some photos, narrative and history. The Snob is one of my favorites and is as pertinent today, in the first half of the 21st century as it was in the first half of the twentieth century.

Now for the challenging part of Bill's challenge: citing something from a scrap of paper!

Source List Entry:

So I decided we are dealing with a manuscript of sorts, after looking in Evidence Explained, (page 143, 3.29 Diaries, Journals & Authored Manuscripts), it looks like there's a couple of ways I can go. You can bet I'm adding this to my Citation Style Sheet. LOL.

Citing the original "manuscript"
Bindon, Caroline (Ebling). "The Snob." MS. Three Oaks, Michigan, circa 1943. Privately held by [NAME AND ADDRESS WITHHELD FOR PRIVACY]. 2011.

Citing the book I compiled:
Goodrum, Michelle, compiler. Poetry of Carrie Marie Bindon. Mesa, AZ: self published, 2001.

© 2011, copyright Michelle Goodrum

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