Saturday, September 10, 2011

Smart Phones on Sorting Saturday

About a week ago, I posted asking for advice on which "Smart" phone to purchase. A few days ago, I took a deep breath, the list of suggestions and recommendations from my readers, and Youngest Child, before heading down to our Verizon store. I have to admit that when I began this journey, I really wanted an iphone. In the end, these factors influenced my final decision.

  • Availability of 4G network on the device. Since this is the future and I hear it is much faster than 3G, I decided that this was a must have. Right off the bat the iphone and Windows phones were eliminated since Verizon does not have them with 4G. Had to think about this for a few days because I really wanted that iphone. Sorry Tracy (The Pieces of My Past), I was with you on the iphone!
  • Address the battery life issue with the various Droids. Several of you pointed this out which got my attention. Thank you for the tip:
  • Camera Quality. Since I love photography, a good camera is a must.
  • Ability to sync the calendar on the phone with my Outlook calendar on my laptop. This is really important to me and it appears that I should be able to address it by picking out the right ap. I took a little leap of faith and made the assumption I would be able to get it worked.
Barbara (Life From the Roots), I hope you found this  and everyone's comments helpful. I sure did.

Hold on to your hats, next I'll tell you what happened when I went into the Verizon store to make my final decision.

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  1. OK, you got me very interested! Looks like I missed the chatter about all of this, but I am following now!