Sunday, September 4, 2011

Advice Needed-Why Do You Like Your Smart Phone?

We have come a long way from the olden days when a phone was a phone. Now we have all kinds of "smart" phones and I'm now eligible for one! Only I don't know which one to choose. There's so much to consider. I am hoping that my like minded genealogy friends will be able to provide some valuable advice. Do I go with an iphone, an Android or a Windows phone?

If you have a smart phone, or are looking to get one, what factors influenced your decision? Were there certain features one phone had that you liked or didn't like?

I figure besides the phone feature, I would mostly:
  • Take pictures
  • Blog
  • Use Evernote
  • Use Facebook
  • Write notes and ideas to myself that would need to get to my computer.
  • Make appointments on the calendar that would also need to get to Outlook on my computer.
I'm sure there's lots of other things a genealogist, blogger, mom, family executive assistant and college softball fan would want to do with a smart phone.

I would love to get your input and advice!

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  1. Michelle, I can't help, but am looking forward in reading the replies. I came to your site for info. on organization...your articles are tops.

  2. I've just finished (fingers crossed) setting up my new Android phone. I had a Palm Pre for two years and loved the operating system but it never caught on.

    I had little choice because my carrier didn't have an iphone, but I am fairly pleased with the Android (I have an EVO). It syncs to my Google Calendar and Contacts which keeps things simple. I spent some time learning how to maximize battery life (big issue).

    My must haves: Voice Dialing, Voice Navigation, Voice Recorder, Camera, Barcode Scanner, Grocery List, Weather, Evernote, Flightview, Gedcom Reader, Google Reader, FaceBook.

    Make sure whatever you choose will automatically sync with your calendar and contacts list. They all should, but that would be my first criteria. Make sure your must have apps are available on the platform you're considering. If you're going to move music or media onto the phone make sure you have enough storage. I ended buying a larger sdcard.

    I don't know anyone with a Windows phone, but everyone with an iphone or Android is pleased - except for that battery thing.

  3. I have an Android and what I do not like is that it comes preloaded with apps that I will never use.

    These apps run down the life of the battery and can not be deleted.

    I like the navigation feature if I happen to get lost. The camera is good but as sharp as a free standing camera.

  4. I use Android on a Droid X phone. I love it! I have had it a little over a year, and cannot imagine not having it with me where ever I go. I use google+, calendar, reader, gmail, & docs. Also use Evernote, Facebook, and Twitter. Other applications I don't use as much but do like are the shopping apps, ones that you use a scanner of a barcode, etc. I also rely heavily on the navigation tools and the camera. I have a couple apps that automatically load pics and videos into the "cloud" (Photobucket & Picasso).

    Battery life can be a problem if you use the phone a lot. I ran my down taking videos last month at the Georgia Aquarium. I usually carry my charger with me, and was able to just plug the phone in at the aquarium. It charges fairly quick.

    Being a lifelong Verizon customer I chose Android (at the time iPhone was not offered). I chose the Droid X for the larger touch screen.

  5. I've had my iPhone since May and love it! I have linked my gmail account to it, I use Feeddler to read all the blogs in my Google Reader, have apps for Facebook and Google+ to check up on social media. It is VERY user friendly and have had no problems. My non-genealogy uses include some educational apps for my kids, I've taken photos on the fly when I'm without my regular camera, downloaded iTunes music (haven't done a podcast yet) and downloaded some movies for my kids to watch on a cross-country flight. This phone has been worth every dime I spent on it and then some.

    As a side note, my husband's co-workers have been switching away from Android to the iPhone because some of the Android apps don't work. They work for a tech company so I kind of think they know what they are talking about. Of course, it's all in what you need/want it for. Good luck!

  6. I, too, have an Android, which I obtained primarily to stream radio programs while I was at work. However - besides taking photos and video, I read blogs, use Facebook, look up and map addresses, check email, use GPS, and especially love it when we're out of town and looking for antique shops, hotels, places to eat, etc.
    I have a separate charger that I leave at work, and have another for the car when we're traveling. So, typically I'm ok as far as battery life goes, but using GPS in the car really drains it quickly if not plugged in.

    That said, it would be tough to go back to a regular cell phone. Waiting in line is so much easier with internet access! :)