Friday, September 23, 2011

Create an Editorial Calendar - 31 WBGB

Creating an Editorial Calendar is the perfect assignment. I've attempted to put together an editorial calendar 2 or 3 times but have never some up with the format that is right for me. I love Tonia's spreadsheet (I'm a spreadsheet kind of girl too) with the color coding but something was still missing. I need the visual of a monthly calendar so I ran with Tonia's idea and put it on an actual calendar.

I was able to use a Word calendar template and make modifications to it so the necessary information would fit. Then I used the same color coding scheme as Tonia. Hopefully this will work much better.

Here is an example of my calendar for October.
Remember this TIP: Click on the image to view a larger version and then click on the back arrow button to return to this post. If the larger version isn't big enough try this: Windows users: hold down the Control key (Mac users hold down the Command key) and press the plus key to make it even bigger (minus key makes it smaller).

To use this calendar, just click in the cell for the date you want to edit. Then type in whatever information you want to see on your calendar. To fill the cell with color, go to the Home tab in Word and look under Paragraph for the Shading option which appears as a paint bucket.

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