Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011 Genealogy Resolutions

Setting goals is truly a balancing act. We want them to be challenging but not too difficult. Usually we have a time frame in which we need to accomplish our goals so we must define them with that in mind.
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Recently Amy (The We Tree Blog) and Denise (The Family Curator) got together and came up with their genealogy goals for 2011. I really, really like their approach. It's concise, simple and doable and fits in perfectly with where I'm at right now. In other words, it's well balanced. They came up with:

One Research Goal
One Organizational Goal
One Writing Goal

So here are my three genealogy goals for 2011:

Research Goal

2011 is the year I am going to answer the question I set out in my 101st Carnival of Genealogy post:

Find and prove the identify of the parents of my gg grandfather, William H. Ballinger, who was living with his wife Lucinda and their children in Black Oak, Mahaska County, Iowa in 1856.

Organizational Goal

Organize the Archival Closet. This is a biggie since the Archival Closet houses the Roos Family Papers and needs to make room for the Lowe Family Papers as well as the Family Papers from Husband's side of the family. I think it can be done although I may need an Archival Room in the end.  We'll see.

Writing Goal

Put together a "draft" of the story of Mrs. Robinson's Homestead to share with family members. I've had several older family members who have expressed interest in her homestead file when I tell them a synopsis of the story. I'd really like to share it with them.  This will turn into a huge project, if I am going to do it right but time is a factor here as people aren't getting any younger. Something is better than nothing so I'm settling for some sort of "draft" in 2011.

There's my well balanced set of genealogy resolutions for 2011. Hopefully, I will be able to maintain the balancing act all year. I'll keep you posted.

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  1. Great goals, Michelle. 2011 looks to be a good year for you.

    LOVE the picture, btw.

  2. Michelle, I wish you well with your 2011 goals. If anybody can accomplish them, it is you. I don't do goals, so I enjoy reading others.

  3. Hi Michelle!
    Great goals! You have a beautiful blog!

    I am selecting you for the Ancestor Approved Award:

    Visit Leslie to get your award:

  4. Love your goals for 2011! Keep us posted.

  5. I would love to hear more about your work in Mahaska County. My goal is somewhat similar to yours.

    Perhaps part of the answer lies in the writing.

  6. LeRoy, I'll keep you posted. At this point I just need to get into the Mesa FHC and get a film or two ordered...