Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Lisa Louise Cooke - Keynote Speaker at AZ Family History Expo

The Arizona Family History Expo is is about two and a half weeks away and will be upon us before we know it. In reviewing the agenda, which is online now, I was particularly excited to see one of my favorite genealogists, Lisa Louise Cooke of The Genealogy Gems Podcast, is the keynote speaker. Lisa is partially responsible for my starting this blog and has had a huge impact on me the past few years by teaching this 'ol dog more than a few new tricks!

For her keynote address, Lisa will be talking about, "Looking to the Past for the Future of Your Family History Research." Just as I anxiously await every single podcast episode Lisa puts out, I can hardly wait to hear her keynote speech.

Lisa will also be giving several lectures during the Expo including:

Ultimate Google Search StrategiesGoogle Earth for Genealogy – Rock Your Ancestor’s World
How to Create Awesome Interactive Family History Tours with Google Earth
Private Eye Techniques for the Genealogist: 8 Strategies You Need to Find Living Relatives
I consider Lisa to be on the "cutting edge" of genealogy in her thinking and always find useful information in her talks and podcasts. I know you will too. I hope you can listen to at least one of her lectures, in addition to the keynote address.

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Disclaimer: As a Blogger of Honor for the Arizona Family History Expo, I have been given a complimentary ticket to the Friday evening dinner and a "Tweet" pass.


  1. Michelle - check out my first post of the year on www.MarySellsLV.blogspot.com. I mention you, the contest, and the AZ Family History Expo

  2. I couldn't agree with you more! Lisa is an all out great gal too! I am envious, wish I could go, but look forward to everyone blogging about it when they return!