Monday, January 24, 2011

The Annual iGene Awards on the 102nd Edition of CoG

I vaguely remember the iGene Awards last year as they were going on about the time The Turning of Generations was born. I had no idea what a Carnival of Genealogy was much less who was giving out these iGene Awards! The timing for the iGene Awards is perfect however. Since starting The Turning of Generations last January, I now have nearly a full year of posts to choose from.

Best Picture: This one is easy. While it is not genealogy related, there is no doubt this award goes to A National Geographic Moment where I managed to catch an osprey flying along with a fresh catch in his talons. Taking a photograph like this has been a dream of mine for many, many years.

Best Screen Play:  This would be about Roy Bindon's WWI service in Russia. The casting committee has selected Liam Neeson to play Roy, Frances Bavier (Aunt Bee from The Andy Griffith Show) to play Roy's wife Caroline, and Katharine Hepburn to play his daughter.

Best Documentary: The Time Capsule series is the winner of the Best Documentary award. Now if I can just get Ken Burns to make it into a film!

Best Biography: In March, one of the Saturday Night Genealogy Fun challenges was to feature an ancestor on WDYTYA. My subject was my great grandfather the baker, John Eugene Roos and the recipient of the Best Biography award.

Best Comedy: I can't help but chuckle when I think of the conversation with Teenager over the Emergency Drinking Water. It highlights the generational differences we often experience.

Before signing off for the 2011 iGene Awards, I would like to thank Jasia of the Academy of Genealogy and Family History for her tireless work in putting on the annual iGene Awards and for graciously allowing participants to include her graphic.

Well that's it for this year, here at The Turning of Generations. It's time to roll up the red carpet until next year.

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  1. Hi Michelle,
    I loved your winners! I found we have something in common. But first -- to all your winners:
    Love that osprey caught in the act of catching.
    Screenplay: What amazing stories our ancestors hold. Sent to Russia -- and that photo- I could use that outfit here in Chgo right now! Ear drums bursting. Whod'd thunk THAT would happen.
    Documentary: that time Capsule is a great idea.
    Bio: Here's where we share commonality John Eugene Roos, 1858 from Alsace. My grandparents were ethnic Germans from Transylvania. At my grandpa's church in Neppendorf (2007) we discovered the first Gartz (Gerz back then) came from....Alsace! Gersteheim to be exact. Must have left for (then) Hungary in late 1700s. I did some research as to how I discovered this and why they might have left. It's going to post next Tuesday 2/8 on my regular Travel Tuesday Post. You might want to take a peek.
    Loved all.

  2. Linda, Thank you for your kind comments. Stay warm there in coooold Chicago! I'll be looking at Travel Tuesday.

  3. Bravo! Loved catching up on some wonderful posts I missed. Great choices, Michelle.

  4. I especially like the time capsule. I remember reading about it when you started but somehow didn't keep up with it. Very interesting.