Sunday, January 22, 2012

Friday Classes at the Mesa Family History Expo

The afternoon began with Arlene Eakle's keynote address. As always she is a wealth of information and I was reminded to check the National Uncion Catalog of Manuscript Collections (NUCMC) at the Library of Congress for ancestral clues.

The classes I attended through out the afternoon and evening are as follows:

How the Genealogist Can Remember Everything with Evernote! presented by Lisa Louise Cooke
This was Lisa's first time presenting this outstanding session. It was oriented to the beginner but as always Lisa had ideas for the beginner to advanced user. Many audience members piped up with excellent questions and suggestions as well.

Did you know Lisa practically wrote her new book on newspapers in Evernote? Wow!

Common Surname Google Search Strategies - Lisa Louise Cooke
This presentation can apply to many things besides common surnames. After going through many excellent strategies for conducting searches, Lisa reminded us that once we have constructed a great search to save it as a Google Alert.

U.S. Migration - Migration Routes of Our Ancestors - Leland K. Meitzler
I listed to an audio recording of the talk from 2011 Genealogy Jamboree and was enthralled with it. The only problem was I felt like the visuals would be extremely helpful. That's how I landed in this presentation and once again was drawn in not only by the words but the maps and other visuals Leland had for us. Looking at those maps of old highways, river routes, railroads, etc. caused more than a couple of lightbulbs to go off in my head regarding how my ancestors probably travelled from point A to point B. Leland gives this talk often and I highly recommend it.

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  1. I'm glad you are writing about the Expo. Evernote is new to me, maybe 3 weeks, so I would have loved Lisa's talk. Thanks for the photos too.