Saturday, January 14, 2012

First Airplane Ride - Sharing Memories

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This week's prompt for Sharing Memories over at The Olive Tree Genealogy Blog is First Airplane Ride. While mine wasn't nearly as memorable as Lorine's, at least it's memorable in a good way.

It was the mid 1960's and for some reason which to this day, I don't understand, my parents decided we would fly from Seattle to Spokane to visit my grandparents. We always drove and it was only a half day trip so why we flew is anybody's best guess.

While uneventful, the trip was very fun for this little girl. Back in those days, there were no security concerns so we just arrived at the airport and boarded the plan. Also, at that time, when people flew, they dressed up in their very best clothes, like going to church or a wedding or important party. So there was much preparation involved in the way of getting dressed up in some fancy clothes.

The flight itself was very short. Basically up over the Cascades and then right back down. We were served free food and drinks (back then the food and beverage service was free-always) which of course is always fun for a little kid. The best part - being greeted by Grandma and Grandpa when we arrived!

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