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2011 Genealogy Resolutions - Third Quarter Update

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The third quarter of 2011 has ended and it's time for a review of my genealogy resolutions to see how well I am balancing my goals for the year.

Research Goal:

Find and prove the identity of the parents of my gg grandfather, William H. Ballinger, who was living with his wife Lucinda and their children in Black Oak, Mahaska County, Iowa in 1856.
  • I am still looking at land records in Mahaska County, Iowa and now Boulder, Colorado.
  • I had hoped to put together a notebook with documentation and research notes/reports for this project by now. That has become the goal for between now and the end of the year.
  • Then I need to analyze what I have and come up with a continuing research plan.
This project is a bugger but who ever said genealogical research was easy?

Organizational Goal:

When I gave my last report, I said I felt I had accomplished my goal of organizing the Archival Closet. It's a good thing because we brought home a carload of additions after getting Youngest Child settled in at college! An Archival Room is looking more and more probable.

Writing Goal:

Put together a "draft" of the story of Mrs. Robinson's Homestead to share with family members.

I still haven't scanned the homestead file, which is my first step. There's still time.

Diana over at Random Relatives recently wrote a post that was inspired by Lisa Alzo's talk Write Your Family History Step by Step. Diana selected an ancestor to write about for 15 minutes every day. She even has a separate tab on her blog titled, 15 Minutes A Day. This might be a good approach for my project.

In Summary:

Organizational Goal – Still accomplished but as always, there's more to be done.
Research Goal – Plugging along.
Writing Goal – Need to get cracking on this one and show some progress.

There are three months left in 2011. We'll see how much progress I can make.

To check on prior progress:

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