Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Butterflies Everywhere - Wordless Wednesday

This past weekend, while visiting the Denver area, we stopped into the Butterfly Pavilion in Westminster. It was our second visit and we had just as much fun as the first time. It's a great place to spend a couple of hours whether you are a little kid or a big kid.

The butterflies were posing for us this time so we had lots of fun snapping the shutter.

In addition to the butterflies and beautiful flowers, there is also a room that I will call the bug and spider room. There are bugs and spiders of every imaginable shape and size from all over the world. I didn't take many pictures in that room. Ick.

In this picture on the right there are 3 butterflies. Can you see all three? The large one, bottom center, is an Atlas butterfly.

This was one of my favorites because of all the different colors.

I love their little faces. This is a close up of another Atlas that one of the volunteers was carrying around on a stick for visitors to see close up. I have no idea how they got this butterfly to stay on that stick!

© 2011, copyright Michelle Goodrum


  1. I like your butterflies and your new profile picture!

  2. So pretty. The volunteers spend many hours training the butterflies to stay on the sticks. Either that or glue....sorry I couldn't resist.
    I am not afraid of spiders but I don't think I would like to be in a room with them.

  3. Well, I am having trouble finding #3 in the photo, but, no matter, I am enjoying trying and the photos, all of them are fabulous.

  4. TennLady - Thank you!

    Lori - Seriously? You can actually train a butterfly? The spiders actually weren't that bad - they were in fully enclosed displays. Still...

    Carol, The 3rd one is just to the left of the large Atlas. You can barely see it because of the way the light is hitting it even though it is a good size.

  5. Great pics, but I'm so glad butterflies aren't 6 feet tall because some of them are downright frightening up close! ;)

  6. Beautiful butterflies and photos Michelle!

  7. I like Atlas butterflies. They look very Alien