Thursday, October 20, 2011

Another Baby Doll is Looking for a Name

Today I would like to introduce you to the other Baby Doll I pulled out of a box from the Family Home...only I can't because I don't remember her name! Maybe you do? If so please le me know. Clue: I believe the tricycle and horsie also belong to her.  
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  1. I think it might be Mattel's Tippie Toes.

  2. Brenda, Thank you. That is her name. Of course with the name, it's easy to find a site that she is on:

  3. Yep.... I can verify that it is the Tippie Toes..
    My daughter got one from Santa when she was 4.
    I have a picture of her holding it.

  4. I had this dolly as well, when I was about 4. I have a picture of my day and I with me holding it :)