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A Look at a Cash Land Entry File-Part 2

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Today I present the Cash Entry file of Martin Low. Martin purchased his property, located in Gentry County, Missouri in 1847.

Below you will find first the transcript, and then an image of each of the three pages in this file. I won't be doing any analysis at this time other than to say that basically Martin went into the land office at Plattsburg, gave his money to the receiver, who prepared a receipt, and the register prepared the appropriate certificate to enable Martin to receive his patent. The patent can be viewed at

Nov 1 1848
Vol 12 Page 67

Vol[?] Cfol[?] 1383

No. 5774 LAND OFFICE, at Plattsburg, Mo Jan 26, 1847.
IT IS HEREBY CERTIFIED, That in pursuance of Law, Martin Low,
Gentry County, State of Missouri on this day purchased of the Register
of this Office, the Lot of North West qr. of South East quarter ---
of Section No thirty, in Township No Sixty two, of Range No. thirty,.---
containing Forty acres, at the rate of
one dollar and 25 cents per acre, amounting to Fifty
dollars and _____cents, for which the said Martin Low,
has made payment in full as required by law.
Now therefore be it known, That, on presentation of this Certificate to the
Commissioner of the General Land Office, the said Martin Low
shall be entitled to receive a Patent for the lot above described.
[name is unreadable] Register.

No. 5774 Receiver's Office at Plattsburg, Mo.,
January 26th 1847
Received from Martin Low
of Gentry County Missouri the sum of Fifty
dollars and ---cents, being in full for the North West
quarter of North East quarter of Section No. thirty in Town-
ship No. Sixty two of Range No. thirty containing forty
acres, and ---hundredths at $1.25 per acre
Bela M Hughes Receiver

Martin Low (Gentry County) cash entry file, certificate no. 5774, Plattsburg, Missouri , Land Office; Land Entry Papers, 1800-1908; Records of the Bureau of Land Management, Record Group 49; National Archives, Washington D.C.

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  1. In 1847, how did people get from TN to MO? Stagecoach, horse, train, wagons? Do you suppose the men went out ahead to secure land to start a farm, get a job, or start a business?
    How long before they got established (enough) to bring out the family? Or did they all go together.. just hoping for the best?