Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Grand Canyon -Part 2 on Wordless Wednesday

While we were visiting the Grand Canyon last month, we took a little hike down Bright Angel Trail. There's this little spot called the Mile and A Half Rest House that looked doable.

The scenery on the way down was stunning.
After a nice picnic lunch, we headed back up for the mile and a half return hike. Did I mention it was uphill? One thing I failed to notice on the way down was how steep this one section was. You can bet your bottom dollar that I noticed how steep it was on the way up!

Happy and proud to have taken this little excursion!

© 2011, copyright Michelle Goodrum


  1. Congratulations! I also note that the down stuff can really fool ya, and the back up part is really the downer! LOL

  2. Great place isn't it? It was too hot for us to walk, but it was a thrill to be there. Enjoyed your photos.

  3. Having just reflected on my fear of heights I am flat out in awe! I'd give you a standing ovation if I could get myself that far off the ground...

  4. You really get a greater appreciation for the Grand Canyon when you go down one of the trails, even a little ways. It puts a whole new perspective on it - an amazing place. Glad you made it down and back up!

  5. oooooo... I get a funny feeling behind my knees just from LOOKING at the pictures!! Beautiful views.