Monday, June 7, 2010

Madness Monday - Collateral Lines Anyone?

One piece of advice often heard regarding brick wall ancestors is to research collateral lines.  In the case of my brick wall, William H. Ballenger, I haven't even been able to identify a collateral relative to research.  So in his case I thought I'd try identifying potential collateral lines.

William's last three known residences of Nye, Montana, Grand County, Colorado and Boulder, Colorado haven't turned up any potential Ballenger relatives.  However, when he was living in Mahaska County, Iowa, I noticed that surname so I decided to start looking there.

Initially I am focussing on the 1850-1859 time period, since I know that my William Ballenger was living in Mahaska County then.  In reviewing the Iowa State Census Collection, 1836-1926 on Ancestry, the following Ballenger family groupings turned up:

John F. Ballinger
  • Two Johns-with one being much older than the other.
  • The younger John appears in the various years as Ballenger, Ballinger and Ballanger.
Landon Ballinger
Thomas Ballinger
Samuel & Jeremiah Ballenger (young men listed, at times, in the same house with the older John F. Ballinger).
William H. Ballinger (click here to read a little about William)
Willard Ballenger

The listing for Willard Ballenger was for 1854 and caught my eye right off the bat so we will be taking a look at him next week. Can you guess where this discussion is headed?

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  1. Good luck on your hunt - it sounds like your on the right track.