Thursday, February 18, 2010

Treasure Chest Thursday - All That's Left of the Family Fortune

Recently, I was sorting through some old letters and photos when I ran across a letter to my mother from her grandmother on the occassion of Mom's college graduation many years ago.  It reads, in part:
These antique napkins rings are the remnant of your Great Grandfather and Great grandmother’s fortune. The silver in the rings were part of a silver brick given to them by a friend and my father had six napkin rings made out of same and when their three daughters were married they gave each of us two napkin rings. They are over Seventy-five years old.
The great grandparents she writes of are Daniel Robinson and Nancy Ballenger Robinson (I wrote about Nancy in my February 8 Madness Monday and February 10 Wordless Wednesday posts).  The three daughters are Frances Lowe (author of the letter), Julia Eckwortzel, and Georgie Williams.  The silver brick would have been given to them in Boulder, Colorado.

Of course, I immediately asked Mom if she still had the rings and if she knows where they are.  She remembered them and described the box they were in to me and the fact that they were tied together with a ribbon.  Unfortunately, they were not in the location Mom thought they were, so we will have to keep looking.  I am confident they will turn up and will keep you, my readers posted.....

I wonder if the descendants of the Eckwortzel and Williams families still have theirs?

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