Friday, May 6, 2011

2011 Genealogy Resolutions - Update

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It's hard to believe but 2011 is one third over. It's time for an end of the first trimester report on my genealogy resolutions for the year so see how well I am balancing those goals for 2011.

Research Goal:

Find and prove the identify of the parents of my gg grandfather, William H. Ballinger, who was living with his wife Lucinda and their children in Black Oak, Mahaska County, Iowa in 1856.

I've been following the research plan I outlined in the 101st Carnival of Genealogy. So far, probate records have not produced anything. It's time to circle back around, re-evaluate what I know, come up with a new plan and look at another record group.

I have come to the conclusion that there very likely is no record that directly states who William's parents are and that I am probably going to have to piece this puzzle together using indirect evidence. That's partly why I presented the series, Using Land Records to Solve Genealogical Problems. William's land file may prove to be one piece of that puzzle.

Organizational Goal:

I am happy to say that I finally found made time to work on organizing the Archival Closet and that significant progress is being made. Mainly that's because I have company coming in a few days and will need to be able to use the guest room for guests for the rest of May!

Writing Goal:

Put together a "draft" of the story of Mrs. Robinson's Homestead to share with family members.

I have done absolutely nothing on this goal other than think about how to approach the project. Right now it's all in my head and that does not constitute writing! Maybe I should write down the approach that is floating around in my brain to get things going.

In Summary:

Progress on two out of three goals ain't bad. But I haven't exactly been able to check one off the list yet either. Onward and upward, as they say.

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  1. It's funny how those "resolutions" are always at the back of your mind ...

  2. Given that my resolutions have been completely hijacked this year I am more than impressed with your progress! Kudos.