Wednesday, February 12, 2014

RootsTech Exhibit Hall Wanderings - Part 3

I've been asked which of the smaller vendors in the RoosTech Exhibit Hall really wowed me.  Here are 4 of my favorites. (Note: read all the way to the end for some fun.)

  1. Treelines. Winner of the 2013 RootsTech Developer Challenge, I first heard about this company during Blaine Bettingers presentation, Begging for Spit. Treelines is for recording family stories. Each page can contain an image and text. It looks like an excellent way to share photos and documents and the related information with other family members. Their website has public examples to peruse although you can also make your stories private.
  2. Family Chart Masters. Their custom family charts are a work of art. They also can make inexpensive working charts for you as well. One of these days, when my family tree is a little more filled in, I'm going to have one made. One of these days.
  3. Genealogy Gems. I'm a huge fan of Lisa Louise Cooke. She's partly responsible for the existence of this blog. And she literally changed my genealogical life through her Genealogy Gems podcast. During her Google Earth presentation in the Demo Theatre, I learned a couple of things to share with you.
    1. David Rumsey maps are now part of Google Earth and can be "snapped" onto a Google Earth view.
    2. Newberry County Boundary Maps can be downloaded into Google Earth.
  4. MagiCensus. This product caught my eye because I manually update Word tables with census research to analyze the data and see where the holes are. Apparently this product can do automatically what I have been doing manually. It definitely has me intrigued. 

Last but not least a little exhibit hall fun. FamilySearch had a booth where they were showing off the scanners that have been installed in many FamilySearch Centers. People can bring their photos and documents in, scan them, put them in their FamilySearch account and attach the digitized item to people in their trees.

The booth had a scrolling photo wall and computers with templates where you could take your picture, insert your face in the template and it would appear on the scrolling wall. You could also email the pictures to yourself. Here's my photo (well one of them...snicker...):

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  1. Thanks for the kind words about Treelines! I really appreciate it!