Sunday, June 10, 2012

Paper Sorting - Weeks 21-22 - 21COFH

Progress has been slow but steady with our project from the last two weeks. I've been mainly attempting to sort and file papers of my parents. The challenging part is that some of the piles contain papers from the grandparents, photos of all kinds (including pictures I sent Mom and Dad 10, 20+ years ago) and other miscellaneous stuff.

I continue to file in the temporary set-up I have for my parents and have started piles for other categories (grandparents, pictures, etc.). The mantra continues to be, "put like things together." Eventually I will be able to do a final organization, purge and begin digitizing (and probably do more purging). I just need to know what I have before deciding what I want to keep (or not).

There's lots of other fun things I would rather be  have been doing lately. After all it is summer. Trying to remember - baby steps, baby steps. Even though I just want it to be done NOW.

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