Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Pictures, Pictures, Pictures - The Finale - 21COFH Week - 18

OK, I was wrong. I said there was one thing left to do before putting this project to bed. There's two things.

1. Identify as many people as you can in the group of photos you are working on.

While most of the pictures in this box are unidentified, I do recognize a few faces in there. So, using a number 1 pencil, I will be labeling those that I can. I'll also be adding name "tags" to the digital copies.

2. Send copies of some of the pictures to other family members. Maybe these ol' pictures will put a smile on someone's face and just maybe they can help ID some of the faces in the photos!

Now we're done. I promise.

Whether you are attending the NGS Conference in Cincinatti later this week or not, enjoy it. Personally, I'll be following as many blog posts as possible.

© 2012, copyright Michelle Goodrum

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