Saturday, May 5, 2012

Ongoing Pictures, Pictures, Pictures Saga

Do you ever have a project that started out innocently enough and then never seems to end? Our Pictures, Pictures, Pictures project has taken on a mini life of its own!

This week I had two tasks left to complete:
  • Write up a few sentences regarding the provenance of this mini collection: the who, what, when and where. Also describe the naming convention for the files and where the pictures are stored. Like the index a copy needs to be in the Project Notebook, with the digital photos and with the physical photos.
  • Add metadata.
The first item was fairly easy and I'm finding it is becoming easier as time goes on. This is mainly because now that we have a Project Notebook, so it's easy to refer to other write ups for ideas and to even cut and paste and make the appropriate modifications.

I even took pictures of the old candy box this photo collection lived in for the last several decades. Just for old times sake. Actually, various family members have referred to Grandma Lowe's pictures in the candy boxes. Now if this doesn't make your mouth water....

The Chocolate Covered Almonds sound particularly scrumptuous!

Getting serious, I'm still struggling with metadata. Using Photoshop Elements, I applied a tag to this collection of photos. I wanted to add a two sentence description of this collection in the Description field but realized you must do this to each photo individually. Since there were over 360 scans, I wasn't up to the chore this week! I'll wait until I've got a grasp on Lightroom where you can do these types of things in batches (at least that's the impression I'm under).

So for now, I made a note at the bottom of the write up of the tag that was added and the description I would like to add. At least for now. This little box of gems can go to its new home in the Archival Closet.

There's one thing left to do before we put this project to bed for now. Check back tomorrow!

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