Saturday, April 28, 2012

My Take on Pictures, Pictures, Pictures - 21COFH

Earlier this week, I laid out a plan to scan, add meta-data and organize a box of early to mid-twentieth century photos. Here's what I ended up doing:

Most of the photos were the perfect size to scan with my Flip-Pal so I was able to watch TV while scanning the front and back of each picture. There were 181 photos. So I made 362 scans.

After uploading them to the laptop, the files had to be renamed. Since there are such a variety of pictures, many of them unidentified, I went with a generic file naming scheme - Lowe_CandyBox1-1 on through 181, appending an "a" or "b" depending on whether it was the front or the back of the photo.

These JPG files are now my "master" files. If I do any editing it will be done from a copy. Also, if a picture is important enough to do any work on, I will save it as TIFF as well.

Since so many of these pictures are unidentified, I envision them getting more handling than most pictures so I put them in clear enclosures (archivally safe of course) in an archivally safe box.

In order to keep the pictures from "slumping" because the box is not yet full, I came up with a homemade solution using parts from a damaged archival box I had on hand.

Lastly, I created an index. You can do this using Windows Explorer. Set the view to Large Icons so you see a thumbnail of each image along with the file name. Then do a screen capture (or multiple screen captures if you have many images) which you paste into a Word Document. You have your index. I also saved mine as a PDF.

What I accomplished this week covers steps 1-3, 5 and 6 from my original plan, leaving steps 4 and 7 for this coming week.

How did your project go?

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  1. I like your workflow and your progress, Michelle. Using the Flip-pal,is a great idea! I do much the same by scanning both sides, but I use f (front) and r (reverse) so the images show up in order in my file list.

    Using a screen shot as an index sheet is absolutely INSPIRED. So simple and so effective. Thanks for the tip!

    1. Denise, Glad to be of help! Usually you are the one inspiring me!