Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Houston Family History Expo Wrapup

The Houston Family History Expo was a great experience. It was FHE's first appearance in Houston and I must say, from the people I spoke with, it was much appreciated. I heard over and over what a great value it is, the quality of speakers and vendors was fabulous and the price was very reasonable. They are off on the right foot in Houston.

Hanging around the vendor area most of the time provided an opportunity to talk with a number of the businesses. Arlene Eakle of the Genealogical Institute is a speaker at most, if not all, of the Family History Expos. She is an absolutely brilliant lady. If you have the opportunity to attend one of her presentations, do so. I guarantee you will learn a few things!

My favorite conversation was with the Family Tree DNA folks. We even went into my account and I got a personalized tour and explanation of how the tests work and what the results might mean. I had been wanting to talk with them for a while now but they are always so very busy. This day I caught them during a time when they weren't presenting and the exhibit hall was quiet!

I had the pleasure of meeting, in person, Fran Ellsworth, of Branching Out Through the Years blog. Amy Coffin of The We Tree Genealogy Blog was also in attendance and we had a nice chat.

Do you know what talking with, and eavesdropping on a bunch of genealogists can get you? More ancestors! Yep, I overheard someone mention a new to me surname - Hollingsworth. It led to a nice conversation and some resources to investigate. Wahoo!

By the way, if you are thinking of attending the Oklahoma City Expo April 11th or the Albequerque Expo April 13-14, you can still get the lower pre-registration prices for a little while longer. Go to the Family History Expo website and check it out.

Disclosure: As an official blogger at the Houston Family History Expo, I received a complimentary registration.

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  1. Thanks Michelle, I appreciated your report. Bet it was fun meeting Fran and Amy. Houston is quite a ways from Phoenix, so I hope you did other things there.