Thursday, August 26, 2010

Treasure Chest Thursday - Homestead Certificate

While sorting through the Archival Closet, I came across a very old envelope simply labelled Mitchell. Upon opening it, I realized this was an item I had never been through before! Most of the papers had to do with my great great grandfather, John Hamilton Mitchell, Sr.'s homestead in Tumtum, Washington.

Years ago, I had written off to the National Archives for his homestead application packet, so most of the information in this envelope was already familiar. However, there was a very heavy weight, large piece of paper in this envelope that had an official raised seal. Upon opening it, I was surprised to see it was the original certificate issued to John in 1906! It's in great shape and now in a home that will insure it's longevity.

© 2010, copyright Michelle Goodrum


  1. I literally got goosebumps reading that. SO cool!

  2. OOOO, that IS a treasure! SWEETTTTT!!

  3. That IS a treasure! Finding it must be your reward for tackling the closet. Congratulations.

  4. I am glad I read the blog post. I didn't they send a packet. I should do that.

  5. Michelle, boy are you fortunate. If another descendant had written earlier, you wouldn't have gotten it. Never knew that the NARA gave out originals, how lucky you were.

  6. This was definitely one of those "gasp" moments! Right now I am thankful to have family and ancestors who were savers. (Next week I might be singing another tune :)

    Barbara, I'm sorry if I confused you. These papers are originals that belonged to my great grandfather. They were part of his papers.

    I did write off to the national archives for the homestead application file years ago but they just sent copies of the application.