Friday, April 30, 2010

NGS Conference Day 3

I had forgotten that learning can be so exhausting and exhilarating!  It didn't help that I closed down the Family History Library at 11 last night either.

This morning I played hookie and slept in, missing the first session.  It was time well spent.  The rest of the morning was spent in, "The Master Genealogist Advanced" where Bob Velke went over filters, tag groups, sources and reports.  It was all the meat and potatoes kind of information that I wanted to learn from this excellent speaker.  He finished up with some of the very cool features that will be coming out in version 8.

After lunch, I perused the never ending vendor hall and became a member of ISFHWE - International Society of Family History Writers and Editors.  They have a number of great benefits and at $15 a year, is an excellent value.

After lunch, I listened to, "The Science of Keeping Records" given by Christopher McAfee who is a conservator.  His talk was excellent and right up the alley of this "family archivist/keeper of everything."

The day was wrapped up by Barry Ewell's fabulous presentation, "Digital Photography for Genealogists."  It was jam packed with excellent tips.  He could have gone on for another couple of hours and kept my attention.  Afterward, I went right to work putting some of what I learned to good use by grabbing my camera and heading out to take pictures of the beautiful tulips in the area around the hotel.  I can't wait to apply some of his other techniques.

One more day...

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  1. Michelle, sounds like you are having an awesome time and learning lots! thanks for keeping us posted on it.