Tuesday, April 27, 2010

NGS Conference - BCG Education Fund "Putting Skills To Work"

I arrived in Salt Lake City before lunch on Monday.  Amazingly my room at the Plaza was ready so I was able to check right in, unpack, grab a bite to eat and head for the library. 

I guess I am spoiled.  My only visits to the Family History Library have been in December and July when things are fairly quiet.  It is pretty busy but I brought my new camera to try out by photographing microfilm and was able to avoid standing in line to make copies to my flash drive.  It seems to be working out great.  I was able to stay in my cubby, take pictures of deeds and be fairly productive.

Today, Tuesday, was the BCG Education Fund's "Putting Skills To Work."  It started with Kip Sperry's session on "Reading Early Handwriting" which was excellent.  I feel like I really struggle with this subject and after this morning, I am much more comfortable and competent in reading what previously often looked like a foreign language to me.

At lunch, the table that I sat at got into a really good discussion about various genealogy education routes to take and the certification process.  There were lots of different experiences from the group to draw from and it was a group of really nice people to spend an hour or so with!

After lunch, Pamela Boyer Sayre presented "Sunchronized Research and Reporting"  where I picked up a lot of really good methods and tips.

After a quick trip to the library and then the grocery store, I am beat and it's only day one!  But it's been a very good day.

© 2010, copyright Michelle Goodrum


  1. Sounds like a great day Michelle, I envy you

  2. Glad you are settled in and enjoying all the company. You found a grocery store?? Do share in email or here.

  3. Michelle, I enjoyed reading your post about your first day at the NGS conference. Sure wish they would think about doing some type of video conference for these things then those of us who can't physically get there would be able to participate remotely. Hope the rest of your adventure is as productive for you.

  4. Mary, Barbara, Jo - Thanks for the comments! Barbara - the Plaza has a van that will take you wherever you want to go. So, yes I found a grocery store. I can have breakfast in my room! That means more sleep!! And I've stocked up with some healthy snacks as well.