Sunday, February 12, 2017

Saturday at RootsTech 2017

The final day of RootsTech was a day for wrapping up loose ends for this GeneaBlogger. One of the highlights was the annual GeneaBloggers photo. We can never get all of the bloggers in one place at the same time so this is just a large sample of the GeneaBloggers at Roots Tech in 2017.

The general session started out with a big announcement from AncestryDNA. Tim Sullivan, President and CEO of Ancestry announced new tools related to ethnicity results being readied for release from AncestryDNA next month. Keep your eyes peeled for more details.

CeCe Moore dazzled everyone with futuristic applications for genetic genealogy before moving into some of the fascinating DNA cases she has worked on. She also talked about genetic memory. These are memories that are passed through the generations. Have you ever been to a place and felt you've been there before? Some scientists believe you may carry the memories of your ancestors with you. I've experienced it. Have you?
Earlier in the week, I was fortunate enough to do an interview with CeCe. Watch for it in the next few days.

I spent most of my time in the exhibit hall talking to a few exhibitors. Watch for a separate post on that in the coming days.

The one session I attended was Amy Johnson Crow's, Uncover Hidden Gems With DPLA and WorldCat. The Digital Public Library of America [insert link to] is a catalog composed of a partnership of libraries, museums, and archives from across the U.S. All of the items on this site are digitized and free. WorldCat [ insert link ] is a huge library catalog of about 10,000 libraries from around the world. It is also free. I use WorldCat regularly but am embarrassed to admit that I don't use DPLA that often. That will be changing!

There are more posts coming in the next couple of weeks to highlight my exhibit hall wanderings, the interview with CeCe Moore, and a summary or two.

For now just be sure you put RootsTech 2018 on your calendar. The dates are February 28 - March 3rd.

Disclaimer:  I (Michelle Goodrum) am a RootsTech 2017 Ambassador and received complimentary registration to RootsTech along with other perks.

Any opinions expressed are my own.

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