Monday, February 15, 2016

RootsTech Final Summary

GeneaBloggers at RootsTech 2016. Well, those that made it in time.

Now that the dust has settled from RootsTech, I'd like to discuss my favorite sessions and a few of my favorite things about RootsTech in particular and conferences in general.

Favorite Sessions
How to Search Norwegian Digital Archive by Finn Karlson
Norwegian research is relatively new to me. Finn came to us from Norway to give his talk. I am impressed by the records that are available in Norway. The site he mostly spoke about was DigitalArkivet.

He also discussed Norwegian naming conventions. In particular the three names an individual is given:
  1. The given name which doesn't change.
  2. The patronymic name which does change. Usually it's the father's first name with either "sen" or "datter" appended depending on whether the child is a son or daughter. 
  3. The address or farm name which might change several times.
Using DNA Testing to Solve Genealogical Questions by Tim Janzen
This talk was definitely advanced and I am happy that this time I was able to keep up and understand. All of those DNA courses I've taken over the last couple of years are paying off!

Tim had some facts he wanted us to memorize. One of them that I jotted down was that 4 equals 14 cMs (centimorgans). Or, fourth cousins share about 14 centimorgans. If you're into DNA at all, hopefully you'll get what I'm saying.

Favorite Things About RootsTech
  1. The opportunity to network with friends, colleagues and relatives. Every conference or institute helps expand my circles. I especially enjoyed meeting up with my cousin (a close cousin) several times. We've known each other for decades but because we live in different parts of the country, RootsTech is becoming our opportunity to meet face to face, catch up with family and share family photos. This year Cousin and I kept appearing in the same classes. I guess our interests are converging more and more!
  2. The Exhibit Hall.  There just aren't enough hours in the day to take it all in! In addition to the usual vendors like Ancestry, MyHeritage and others, there are the newer companies. Of particular interest are those that competed in the Innovator Summit. Another cousin wants to share information and I'm thinking one of the apps I learned about in the Exhibit Hall and at the Innovator Summit might be just what we need.
RootsTech may be over for yet another year. But the warm memories of connecting with friends and family and of new discoveries are still going strong.

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  1. And your presentation on DNA was a highlight for me. Congratulations on a job well done.